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Josh Newman

Written by Josh Newman. A full stack software developer, craft beer enthusiast, and general maker based in Melbourne, Australia. 💻

Retry network requests using recursion

15 October, 2018

I recently had the task of implementing some retry logic in the project I’m currently working on. We have a endpoint which does a couple…

Don't accidently mutate constants

14 October, 2018

I had this one happen to me a couple of months ago and it took me quite a while to figure out. The project I’m currently working on is a…

Creating feature modules for your GraphQL API

29 July, 2018

I’ve spent a fair bit of time building GraphQL APIs. More specifically, I’ve spent a fair bit of time building NodeJS + Express + Apollo…


21 July, 2018

Welcome to the beginnings of my new blog. This is my attempt to capture my thoughts on everything in my world. I plan to write mostly about…